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Solutions for automated Plasma Keyhole Welding with the MIG-O-MAT plasmaJET350SPS-K

  • Stainless steel container for industrial fields e.g. chemistry, pharmacy, food, beverages, etc.
  • Tube production
  • Construction of apparatus and plants
  • Stainless steel processing industries
  • Vessel bottom production

plasmaJET 350SPS-K

MIG·O·MAT offers customized solutions for automated plasma keyhole welding applications to meet the high requirements in productivity and quality increase.

Scope of Plasma Keyhole Welding

The plasma keyhole welding is applied in case of a sheet thickness of 2 to 10 mm. Typical applications are the longitudinal and circumferential one pass butt welding processes in case of thick-walled pipes, containers and bottoms. The advantages of the process are distinguished by high productivity and quality.

  • Welding of medium-sized sheet thickness of 2 to 10 mm
  • Root layer welding in case of higher sheet thickness
  • Stainless steel, Carbon steel,
  • High welding speed
  • Joint width ~0,1 × sheet thickness
  • Welding current: 60 to 350 amps

Contrary to other welding processes the plasma keyhole welding is characterised by a low heat input, an outstanding quality and a very low wear- and additional costs (e.g. auxiliary material).

With the plasma keyhole technology it depends special apart from the experience particularly on an interaction of the assigned devices, a simple operation and on components co-ordinated for the procedure.

For this MIG·O·MAT offers a control concept which can be served simply. The entire machine is controlled via a central 10" Touchpanel.

The torch is in addition of crucial importance, there to these high requirements to be placed concerning service life and welding quality. Here MIG·O·MAT uses the PJB350, which apart from extremely long service lives an outstanding welding result. Due to the construction of the torch it gets along with only a few wear parts.

The assigned camera system with adjustable brightness serves for the arc observation and for the weld guiding. With a second camera the capping pass can be controlled from the control desk.

MIG·O·MAT offers turnkey solutions starting from planning, realization, welding support activities up to service and maintenance.

Technical data plasmaJET 350SPS-K
Mains voltage3 x 400 V
Mains fuse32 A
Welding current10 – 350 A
Duty cycle350 A / 100 %
Pilot current10 – 30 A
Dimensions W x H x D455 x 1030 x 620 mm
Weight100 kg

Weitere Bilder

Plasma Keyhole welding system for plane sheets up to 7 m with max. 15 mm thickness..


Plasma keyhole welding unit plasmaJET 350SPS


image: welding head with motorized slide for AVC and linear oscillation, 2 camera systems and the welding torch PJB350


Micrograph 8 mm 1.4571. Preparation Plasma- or simple-cut.


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