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» Semi automatic welding system vor pipes & containers

Semi automatic welding system vor pipes & containers

- Automatically positioning pipe trolley according to the selected product
- "Ready for Industry 4.0"
- Integration of plasma keyhole welding system plasmaJET350SPS-K
- Weldable diameter 300-1500mm
- welding length 2000mm

» longitudinal seam welding machine for plain sheets

  • Process: plasma keyhole-, plasma- and TIG welding
  • Welding length 4,200mm
  • pneumatically liftable loading and unloading arms
  • Plasma keyhole welding equipment up to 350A / 100% ED
  • Weldable material thickness 2-15mm
  • Prepared for integration into energy management systems

» Flexible pipe and tank welding system

  • TIG-and Plasma welding
  • Material thickness 1-10mm
  • Central control desc with 10” touchpanel and camera system
  • Tailstock and lifting roller support are flexibly mounted on rails
  • Automatic arc voltage control (AVC)
  • Automatic oscillator for the welding torch
  • Backup to USB Flash Drive
  • Welding programs can be stored in plain text
  • Motorized 5-axis motion control

» Automatic welding system for plasma welding of short pipes

- Fully automatic clamping process
- flexible for different diameters and length
- thickness    1,5-2 mm
- cycle time    < 30 s
- full-penetration start / end of the material

» Circumferential welding system with sector control for plasma and plasma keyhole welding

  • Central controlling by 10” touchpanel
  • Controlling of parameters in up to 10 sectors
  • Backup to USB Flash Drive
  • Linear oscillator
  • Arc voltage control (AVC)
  • Camera system
  • Cold wire system

» Transverse plasma keyhole seam welder

  • 20 t turn table with d=6.000mm
  • With ward for smoothing roller
  • Weldable material thickness: 3-12mm
  • For frame height 1.500 and 2.000 mm
  • Plasma keyhole welding process

» Seamer for plasma keyhole welding

  • Length 7.500 mm
  • 2.000 mm chain conveyor with cross feeding for positioning
  • 6.000 mm chain conveyor in the outgoing 

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