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Solutions for Automated Plasma Welding

  • Automated welding of longitudinal, circumferential and special weld seams
  • Use in automatic and robot welding systems
  • Plasma spot welding
  • Use in fully automated factories
  • Automated short-term welding e.g. in lamp and glow plug production

plasmaJET 250SPS

The MIG·O·MAT plasmaJET 250SPS is specially designed for automatic and robot welding systems. Equipped with a modular based Siemens SPC control device the plasmaJET unit offer an easy operation and a high degree of process safety and flexibility, so that huge number of special customer requirements and adaptions can be realized. The integrated high-performance cooling system with monitoring of the coolant flow-rate with is designed for the high demands of the plasma welding process and in particular the plasma welding torch.

The universell designed welding program flow provides a huge number of adaptions on different welding applica-tions by the modes of operation e.g. 2-cycle/4-cycle, timing control, plasma spot welding and control voltage*.

The operation is made by a robust touchdisplay with graphic indication of welding flow and is very easy in handling.

For a simple handling, the display can be demounted from the welding unit and it can be integrated into the custom-ers control desk*.

  • Integrated high-perfomance cooling by circulating coolant
  • Excellent reaction of pilot arc due to inverter technology
  • Monitoring of the coolant flow-rate for protection of the plasma welding torch
  • Built-in flowmeter for the precise setting of plasma and shielding gas
  • Modes of operation 2-cycle / 4-cycle / timing control / plasma spot welding / control voltage*
  • Storage of all welding parameters in 60 welding programs
  • Test sequence for the welding program
  • Indication of fault messages in plain text
  • Graphic indication of welding flow
  • Pulsed-mode operation with varable frequency width and basic current up to 100 Hz
  • Modular control system (Siemens S7-200) with softwarebased program control
  • Simple controling by touchpanel
  • Software-based adjustment to any welding task
  • Control receptacle according to industrial standard
  • Mobile, swivel rollers with brake
  • Central connection for the welding torch
  • Language German and English (switchable)
Technical data plasmaJET 250SPS
Mains voltage3 × 400 V 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse16 A träge
Welding current4 to 250 A
Duty cycle250 A / 60 %
Duty cycle200 A / 100 %
Pilot current3 to 15 A
No-load voltage58 V
Dimensions W x H x D455 × 980 × 620 mm
Weight90 kg

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