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Solutions for Manual and Partly Mechanized Microplasma and Plasma Welding

  • Manual welding (hand welding) of stainless steel
  • Microplasma welding of lightweight materials e.g. foils
  • Plasma spot welding
  • Partly mechanized welding jobs (circumferential seam and longitudinal seam)
  • Welding of metal mesh, thermo-couples, sieves, filter
  • Repair welding of tools and moulds
  • Plasma brazing of zinc-plated metal sheets

plasmaJET 100

The MIG·O·MAT-appliances plasmaJET 50 and plasmaJET 100 are especially designed for microplasma-arc welding. The unit is equipped with an easy, well-arranged micro control device especially suitable for the requirements of a manual welding process. This control device allows the functions welding in 2-cycles and 4-cycles, plasma spot welding, infinitely variable pre-selection of the main and pilot-arc current as well as a pulse-mode operation with adjustable parameters. The control device is equipped with a digital display of the welding current and the pilot-arc current and is prepared for the utilization of a foot control pedal and plasma spot welding control device.

The MIG·O·MAT plasmaJET 100 is dimensioned for a duty cycle of 100 % at 100 amps. Its control system corresponds to the system of the MIG·O·MAT plasmaJET 50. With that the unit provides a wide range of capacity for plasma welding applications and excellent features for microplasma welding.

Technical data plasmaJET 100
Mains voltage3 × 400 V 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse16 A träge
Welding currentMikroplasma 0,5 - 25 A
Plasma 2 - 100 A
Duty cycle100 A / 100 %
Pilot current3 - 10 A
No-load voltage85 V
Dimensions W x H x D455 × 980 ×620 mm
Weight85 kg
ColorRAL 2002

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